News Report on the Founding of the International Student Union of School of Political Science and Public Administration
date:2018-01-10 09:53:03 viewed:

On January 5, 2018, at around 2:10PM, the School of Political Science and Public Administration, UESTC under the leadership of Professor Tang Zhiwei, who is the dean of the school, organized the appointment ceremony for the formalization of the International Student Union of SPSPA - UESTC.

In attendance at the ceremony were, Prof. Tang Zhiwei, Dean of SPSPA, Prof. Zhao Shurong, Director of Centre for West African Studies, Mr. Xie Jihua, Vice-chairman of School Council of SPSPA, Miss Zhang Mengmeng, the coordinator of the school and six CWAS volunteers as well as other students from other schools who graced the occasion.

The programme kicked off with a speech from Mr Xie who gave a brief introduction about the union as well as the introduction of the president of the Union. He stressed on the importance of the union as a pertinent actor in the process of linking effectively the authorities of the school and the students, as a body, as well as being an avenue to improve students learning experience in China.

After Mr Xie’s speech, the president of the Union, Mr Constantino Andre, mounted the stage, starting by introducing his team members, namely: Mr Godson Kweitsu who is the Vice President, Mr Gideon Adjorlolo and Mr Fuseini Osman Issah, members of the Ministry of Organization and Miss Gladys Wauk, Mr Kampamba Chikwanda and Mr Tobi Michael Ogunwemimo, members of the Ministry of Activities. After that, on their behalf, he expressed their honour and gratitude for the opportunity and trust given to serve the union and reiterated their commitment and willingness to embrace the challenge and to effectively work toward meeting the expectations, but, he also highlighted the importance of the collaboration, coordination, cooperation (unity) between the ISU- SPSPA and the school administration entities, international and the Chinese students as catalytic factors in achieving success in this mission.

The inauguration program was capped by the Director of Centre for West African Studies, Prof. Zhao Shurong, who presented the team with their appointment letters and also gave an encouraging speech welcoming the creation of the union.

From left: Mr Constantino Andre, Mr Godson Kweitsu, Mr Gideon Adjorlolo, Mr Fuseini Osman Issah, Miss Gladys Wauk, Mr Tobi Michael Ogunwemimo, Mr Chikwanda Kampamba, Prof. Zhao Shurong and Mr Xie Jihua.