SPSPA Holds Academic Workshop on Understanding UESTC Thesis Writing Guiding Regulations
date:2017-06-12 14:45:06 viewed:

On June 9, 2017, Professor Zhao Shurong, on behalf of the School of Political Science and Public Administration (SPSPA) organized an academic workshop in room 444 of Zonghe Building. The workshop aimed at introducing the 2016 International Masters Students of SPSPA to the University of Electronic Science and Technology (UESTC) thesis writing regulations as they begin writing their research proposal and final dissertation.

The workshop involved introducing the basic research content, and the formatting requirements. During the first session, two students, Saif Ur Rahman and Jan Qasim using their research proposals made presentations on what needs to be included in the research content. Identifying the weaknesses in their work, Prof. Zhao stressed that students were to employ Public Management related theories for their dissertation. She also indicated that a case study approach should  be used for research work over certain time period for evaluation and assessing its impacts in practice.

During the second session, Mohamad Dida Fahryuda introduced  the basic proposal and dissertation requirements of UESTC. He spoke extensively on the font size, spacing, paragraphing, and format of the content. He also took the class though the basic structure and the reference format of the dissertation. On the basic structure of the proposal, Prof. Zhao stressed the importance of including research guiding questions.

Students who were present took advantage of the presentation to sort out answers to certain requirements they did not comprehend previously. The workshop was part of series of academic activities designed by SPSPA to help the students write good report and ultimately produce high quality thesis. At the end of the program, the students were unanimous that the workshop was educative, informative and exciting.