Profile of SPSPA

The School of Political Science and Public Administration of UESTC dates back to 1956 with the establishment of Marxism-Lenism Teaching Department, from which the Department of Social Science and Humanities has been comprehensibly evolved in 1984 and gradually developed into the School of Social Science and Humanities in 1993 and since 2006 renamed as the School of Political Science and Public Administration.

We pride ourselves on being research-led with 77 high degree teaching and researching staff, including 16 full time professors, 18 appointed adjunct professors and guest professors, 20 associate professors and 22 lecturers. 29 faculty members have been awarded as top national and provincial excellent teachers and researchers such as “National Outstanding Teachers”, “New Century Talents of the Ministry of Education” and  “Academic Peer in Sichuan Province” in China.

SPSPA is top ranked for our full line of degrees from undergraduate to master degrees including 4 bachelors’ degrees of Public Management, Information Management, Law and Urban studies, 4 master degrees of Public Management, Journalism and Communication , Constitution and Administrative Law and Applied Psychology, 2 professional programs of MPA and MJC respectively and English-instructed International Program in Public Management in highly rated education with provincially featured key disciplines, social science key research base and institutes and teaching center.

We offer many unusual advantages compared to other schools of Public Administration and Political School for UESTC is “a cradle for Chinese Electronic Information Industry”. Our school’s research and teaching is information knowledge based one. With joint efforts and contributions from SPSPA faculty, we have witnessed proud legacy of teaching and researching nationwide with Top National Courses based Teaching Achievements, Nationally Recognized Research Projects Granted and enjoy popularity of academic influence worldwide via the platform of International Conference on Public Administration (ICPA).